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First Impressions Count

Your website is usually the first impression the world gets of you and your business. It is available 24/7, 365 days of the year – someone could be looking at it and forming an impression while you are asleep. Gulp!

Website Design Systems To Suit Your Needs

wherever you are in your business journey

Your website needs might be different to someone else’s depending upon where you are in your business journey, what services you offer, how you like clients to contact you, how you prefer clients to book with you, how comfortable you are making changes to your site etc. My Essentials, Growth and VIP Plans are designed to meet yours and your businesses specific requirements.

Essentials Website

Ideal if you are starting out or if you need an online presence that showcases your business or services/products and makes you more “findable” to prospective clients

  • Up to 3 pages
  • Essential Plugins
  • Standard SEO
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Privacy Page (not policy)
  • Link to Online Booking
  • Basic Maintenance Video
  • 3 months support
  • From £600

Growth Website

Recommended if you need a bigger site (up to 5 pages) to do bit more legwork: maybe selling a small range of products, booking online, email marketing integration, a blog…

  • All of Essentials features
  • Up to 5 pages
  • Blog setup
  • eCommerce if required
  • Sign up form eg newsletter
  • Integrate with eg Mailchimp
  • 6 months maintenance
  • 6 months support
  • From £850
  • My undivided attention
  • Kadence WordPress or Kajabi
  • Up to 5 custom designed pages
  • Branding & simple logo if required
  • Images optimised, copy proofread
  • Connection to domain
  • Migration to host account
  • 6 months support & maintenance
  • From £1850

Please note that you will need to have your own domain name registered and your own hosting account. I can help you to set this up if needed.

Possible extra Costs

There may be some extra costs if…

  • you need help with sourcing providing images in the correct size/format
  • you need help with writing the copy/content
  • you need help with your brand colours and simple logo design
  • you would like to offer a lead magnet on your site
  • you need extra pages

Just To Clarify…

Website Jargon Can Be A Little Confusing

Why Trust Essence?

Does your website stand out from your competitors? Does it communicate clearly what you do, is it easy to navigate, is it mobile friendly, does it load quickly. Because I’m both a web designer and a therapist, I can make sure the answer to all these questions, and more, is yes! The therapist in me understands the nuances of your business and my geekie skills are able to create your customised website using premium WordPress themes.

Why WordPress?

Over 40% of all websites out there use WordPress. It is safe and reliable and lends itself to almost any project. It has great functionality, in part due to the 1000s of themes and plugins available. It’s setup lends to easy SEO and it is easy, with just a little training from me, to maintain yourself. No website is 100% secure but WordPress runs a pretty tight ship. Also, you OWN your website, which isn’t true for some other platforms..

UX and UI

User experience (UX) and user interaction (UI) will determine whether a visitor stays on your website for more than a few seconds or whether they get out of there as fast as a spaniel after a squirrel. To ensure your website has “the squirrel factor” it needs to be attractive, have an intuitive, seamless flow and enable your users to reach their goals. Is it clear how they can contact you, make an appointment?


Contrary to popular belief, your website isn’t all about you! No-one needs to know that you go paragliding in your spare time nor how many pets you have nor that you crochet tiny coats for poorly lambs (although that would be an amazing thing to do!) First and foremost, your content should communicate effectively that YOU have the solutions to your website visitors problem.

Brand Colours and Logo

Branding is not just about pretty colours, although I have to admit to loving working on a colour palette for a new client! Your colours and logo need to sit easy with the feel of your website but also need to be integrated within a proper strategy. Are you all about the vibrant or all about the pastels? Many colour palettes lend themselves to the wellness and holistic niches, it’s not a one size fits all by any means.

What Next?

If you’re not sure where to start then these pointers may help you:

wordpress website planning


Start looking at other sites to get ideas of which colours, features, styles or themes appeal to you.


Mood board

Collect some colour palettes and images that you like. These will give us an informed starting point.



Make a list of the pages and features you would like to be on your site – don’t worry, this won’t be set in stone.



Feel free to get in touch before these steps if you would like to bounce some ideas or need more guidance.

Your website is your “hello” to the world


If you can’t see your question here, just send me a message.

Hmmm….. it depends on which approach you take. My Essentials Plan starts at £600, the Groth Plan starts at £850 and the VIP Experience starts at £1850. Extra costs are usually due to the amount of input I need to make towards things other than the design and functionality of the site.

Generally, once the strategy meeting is concluded and a 50% deposit is received, it takes around 4 – 6 weeks to build a site. Hold ups can occur if images and content aren’t received in time or aren’t “ready-to-go,” if there are unavoidable tech issues, if hosting and domains aren’t set up etc. It is possible to get things done a bit quicker if necessary.

And the VIP Experience means your website is up and running in a week!!

Easy, just send me a message from the Contact page or from the relevant web design plan page.

No, as you can see I have done sites for other small businesses including authors road hauliers.

Don’t worry, that’s what the initial strategy call is for.

If needed I can help you with this. It is best practice for you to own your own domain name and have your own hosting so that you “own” your website once it is handed over.

Mainly yes, it’s what I have been trained in.

Yes! It is good practice to set up a new site following best standard SEO practices. This includes keyword research, optimising images, adding alt text to images, making the site mobile responsive amongst other things

A website does need regular maintenance, not least for good SEO reasons. You will be shown how to keep your site up to date but you may choose to take out a monthly VIP maintenance plan so you don’t need to worry about it.

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