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Seven Signs Your Website Needs A Redesign

How can you find out if your website needs a redesign? I remember being so very proud and fond of my very first website! I had spent hours and hours creating it so, obviously, it was perfect. So fond of it was I that I couldn’t see any thing wrong with it at all.

But things change, design evolves, your business evolves…. and so your website has to as well.

If you’re not sure whether your site is past it’s sell-by-date, then you might want to consider these points.

Firstly, what should your website do?

The functions of a website for a small business can be summed up as follows:

  • Your site should be visually appealing so that visitors don’t just click off your site.
  • It should be easy for people to find out what they need to know .
  • Navigating around your web site should be intuitive!
  • Your site should definitely be bringing you clients.
  • SInce most people are using their phones or tablets when online, your site needs to be mobile responsive.

Signs That Your Website Needs a Redesign

1. It was built years ago.

Some themes simply go out of fashion. Even if your content is good, if your website looks dated and “text-bookish” it probably won’t hold the attention of your visitors.

Embarrassingly, this is how my site looked in the early days. It was a DIY website and I found this image using a tool called Wayback Machine Let’s be honest, it’s too wordy, not visually appealing, not responsive…… You live and learn.

outdated website design

2. Your bounce rate is high and/or traffic is low

You will need some sort of analytics to know this for sure but it’s definitely a sign that your visitors aren’t hanging around. Maybe they can’t find out what they need or it’s difficult to navigate the site

3. Your conversion rate is low

If your site visitors aren’t following up and booking in, what’s the reason?

Is it difficult for them to find out if you can help them? Is it difficult to find out how to contact you?

4. Contacting you is difficult

Do you have a fillable contact form on your site with several call-to-action buttons/links that direct your visitors to it?

Do you have a clickable telephone number for potential clients to call directly and, similarly, a clickable email address.

5. You’re a bit embarrassed about your site

This one is easy – would you be happy to say to a friend “hey, have a look at my website” or not?

6. You don’t have anything automated

Having some functions on your site that are automated will make things run more efficiently. It could be an automated booking and/or payment system.

Having an informative lead magnet that your website visitors can download is another automation that can raise your profile. You can even use this to collect email addresses and send a regular newsletter out to a “warm audience” ie people who have shown an interest in your services. Here are some I made earlier

7. You look with envy at your competitors sites

But you aren’t sure where to start.

Why not download this FREE tool for guiding you through a “website audit” and find out whether your website needs a redesign.

Not sure whether your website needs sprucing up or even a major revamp?

Try using my FREE DIY Website Audit tool to take a constructive look at your site and find out the truth!

Thankyou for taking the time to read this post, I hope you take away some ideas for your business.

I’m Eileen and I run Essence Digital Designs to try and help your business run more smoothly. I offer a range of digital products from lead magnets to social media templates, that you can find in the Digital Resources Shop and I also offer WordPress Web Design

You can enquire about any of these services here

Toodle pip!

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