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Digital Resources For Acupuncturists

Do you often feel that you are constantly re-inventing the wheel for each individual client? Writing out nutrition plans for example? Forever meaning to get everything written up properly and saved so that it is to hand for next time…… or maybe next time! We’ve all been there!! And that’s why these resources for acupuncturists were developed.

So, I’m here to make your life easier if design and content creation are just not your thing or if you just, ironically, don’t have the time to create time-saving resources. My resources for acupuncturists might be just what you’ve been looking for!

All the resources are available as ready to use digital downloads AND as fully editable Canva templates, allowing you to brand them as your own. Also included are some instructional videos to help you download your Canva templates and to edit them.

Digital Resources Library

The ever-growing library includes……

TCM Nutrition Plans

Ebooks/lead magnets

Patient-friendly infographics

Readymade social media images

Social media and ebook templates for DIY projects

Practitioner Forms

…..and more.

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