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Daisy Theme

For your therapy service business


I believe every small business should have a professional online presence. The Daisy Theme is designed with therapy service businesses in mind and is set up to function as your client-generating work horse.

  • a homepage that contains all the pertinent sections a therapist needs
  • a Blog outline set up to make adding content to your site and improving SEO easy
  • a sign up form, a links page, an event page, a lead magnet page
  • your own design library to help you create new, professional looking pages/sections as your business grows
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What the Daisy Theme gives you:

  • The DIY experience without the hassle
  • Straightforward installation in a few clicks
  • Installation and set up guides
  • Homepage, Blog, Links page, Events page, Lead Magnet page, sign up form
  • Kadence colour palette customiser
  • A block library for you to be able to recreate perfect designs
Daisy Child Theme

What is included:

A bit of preparation

What Else Do You Need To Do?

Before you can make full use of your brand new sparkly child theme, you will need to have a WordPress website hosting account and, before your site can go live, a registered domain name.

Register Your Domain Name

Your domain name is your “web address” eg https://mybizname.co.uk. There are many companies that offer domain services, you just need to check if the domain you want is available and then buy that name. If you need help, just ask.

Get a WordPress Hosting Account Set Up

This is where you will upload the website theme file that you have purchased. Again, there are many companies offering WordPress hosting, some better than others. Personally I use Siteground (this is my own referral link.) Again, I am here to help if need be.

The block library

What is the block/design library?

Fill in your product description here. Add your product image to the left. If you are using an Amazon Affiliate image, use a ‘Custom HTML’ block instead of an image block and paste in your image code from Amazon. Add your product link to the button below.