Acupuncture for Pain ebook/Lead Magnet


14 pages for your prospective clients to find out how acupuncture can help pain conditions. You will receive BOTH the ready-to-go Acu Biz ebook and the FULLY EDITABLE template allowing you to add your own branding.



The full title of this ebook is “Three Underlying Causes of Pain – How Acupuncture Can Help?”

When you invest in this product, not only do you get the ready-to-go Acu Biz ebook, but also the FULLY EDITABLE template which allows you to add your own branding.

The 14 page document explains how inflammation, stress and poor circulation are often the precursors to chronic pain. It explains how these factors are interconnected and how acupuncture can help.

Acute pain and chronic pain are explained, as are the subtle warning signs that we should be mindful of in order to avoid acute pain conditions becoming chronic.