Your website is your “hello” to the world

Is your website immediately instilling trust and letting your clients know that you can solve their problem?

The job of your website is to bring clients to your door. To do this your site needs to be worth looking at. Let’s face it, there is an awful lot of competition out there and visitors to your site will make a split second decision whether to stay there or not.

Your brand should “feel right” with colours and images that reflect the essence of you and your business. Your content needs to be relevant and attention grabbing.

But it’s not just about the look of your website; it’s also about the functionality.

To encourage visitors to stay on your site it needs to, first and foremost, let potential clients know you have solutions for their problems.

In addition, it needs to be built using best practices for accessibility, SEO, UX, UI (user experience and interaction.) This means that it should be easy for visitors to discover that you can help them and to navigate your site.

It needs to be intuitive for your site visitors to know what to do next – “contact me, find out more, read my blog, get in touch, book a consultation.” Then your potential clients are “funnelled” in the right direction will get in touch with you to book an appointment. Job done! need a thoughtfully designed website that makes saying “yes” easy

You deserve a website that reflects the essence of what you offer.

Essence Digital Designs can help you wherever you are in your process. Whether you are fresh out of college and need a website to let the world know you have arrived or whether your existing website is a bit embarrassing or not doing much for your business, that’s ok.

Maybe search engine optimisation gives you the heebie jeebies? Maybe you’re not sure how to make updates, how to write a blog or how to get your site live?

I can help you create your therapy business website with great brand colours and well-crafted content that converts website visitors into clients.

I have three website packages to choose from that can be tailored to your needs and your business. If it is difficult to pigeonhole your requirements into one plan or another, don’t worry; I can usually do a bit of tweaking.

Essence Web Design

Website Design Systems To Suit You

You deserve a website that earns it’s keep

Other Services Include…

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Owner of Essence Digital Designs


Hi, I’m Eileen

I’m a web designer and an acupuncturist based in the UK. I utilised my tech skills from a former life to get my own therapy business up and running and now my aim is to help lovely people like you do the same.

I have a passion for both my therapy business and also have a geekie side! I couldn’t decide which I loved most and saw no reason why I can’t do both and now I help my fellow practitioners create an online presence that is as stress-free as possible.

When I’m not running my business I’m usually with my dogs or doing something outdoorsy – walking, running or trying to get a clear round in dog agility!

Essence digital Designs – Happy CLIENTS

Don’t Just Take My Word For It

How Your website is created

The Creation Process

1. Preliminary Work

Getting to know each other…

After you’ve contacted me, we can have a telephone or zoom chat to discuss what ideas you have for your website. We’ll discuss your business, the messages you want to get across to potential clients, as well as things like brand colours, images, website themes etc. It doesn’t matter where you are in the planning process, I can help.

2. Planning
web design project

Planning is essential…

I’ll go away and do some planning get an idea of what I need to do to produce the website that you need. Details such as how many pages and sub-pages, features such as social links, online booking etc. will all be taken into account. I’ll let you know how long it will take, what I will need from you and give you a quote.

3. Build
desktop scene with SEO written on notepad

This is the bit I love doing…

I’ll get started on your project after a 50% deposit has been received. I will keep you informed of progress and give you regular updates that you can check out and give feedback on. Planning is key, so the major features of your site will have been agreed upon and at this stage only minor tweaks should be needed – hopefully! I only like to work with a few website design clients at a time so that I can give my full attention you and your project.

4. Connect
graphics to represent website maintenance

The exciting bit…

Your new site will be connected to your domain name (website address) and uploaded to your website hosting platform. If you need help with this then that is fine, all part of the service. It will be made live and a few checks will be run to make sure everything is working properly. The remaining fee will be due now.

5. Handover
desk top scene with diary and coffee

It’s all yours…

Your new site has been connected to your domain name and uploaded to your website hosting platform. It is live and the world now knows you have arrived. We will have either a zoom meet where I can walk through basic maintenance and upkeep of your site or you might prefer to have a bespoke recording that will show you how to do this. Don’t worry, I am happy to offer support for the next few months.


If you can’t see your question here, just send me a message.

Hmmm….. it depends on which approach you take. My Done For You Essentials Plan starts at £750 and the VIP Experience starts at £1850. Extra costs are usually due to the amount of input I need to make towards things other than the design and functionality of the site. But the Template DIY option starts at £99

Generally, once the strategy meeting is concluded and a 50% deposit is received, it takes around 4 – 6 weeks to build a site. Hold ups can occur if images and content aren’t received in time or aren’t “ready-to-go,” if there are unavoidable tech issues, if hosting and domains aren’t set up etc. It is possible to get things done a bit quicker if necessary.

And the VIP Experience means your website is up and running in a week!!

Easy, just send me a message from the Contact page or from the relevant web design plan page.

No, as you can see I have done sites for other small businesses including authors road hauliers.

Don’t worry, that’s what the initial strategy call is for.

If needed I can help you with this. It is best practice for you to own your own domain name and have your own hosting so that you “own” your website once it is handed over.

Mainly yes, it’s what I have been trained in. For the Template DIY sites, I only have WordPress themes. There are other experts that make lovely Kajabi templates.

Yes! It is good practice to set up a new site following best standard SEO practices. This includes keyword research, optimising images, adding alt text to images, making the site mobile responsive amongst other things. However, if you take the Template DIY route this is something you will need to add in for yourself.

A website does need regular maintenance, not least for good SEO reasons. You will be shown how to keep your site up to date but you may choose to take out a monthly VIP maintenance plan so you don’t need to worry about it.

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