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Create A Clickable Phone Link

In days of yore: someone found your business website on their desktop computer, located your phone number, wrote it down then made a call from a separate device.

Nowadays: website visitors want to be able to make a call directly from your website using the device that they are on.

In this post we’ll look at a simple way that you can create your own clickable phone link.

Whilst you are editing or creating a page or post in your WordPress backend, you can easily add a specific link protocol that changes your text into a clickable phone link.

If you use the protocol Tel:+ before your telephone number then you will have created your clickable link. Simples!

So, let’s say that we want the telephone number 0123-4567-12345 to be clickable.

You would first highlight the text/numbers as shown here:

Then add the link protocol. The “+” denotes a country code so you will miss off the first zero:

Click Submit and your number will show as a highlighted link:

You can replace the numbers in your content with words eg:

As long as you use the phone number link protocol, you will enable your website visitor to call you direct.

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Sad as it may seem, the attention span of website visitors rivals that of the mythical goldfish!

So anything we can do to encourage our website visitors to follow up on a call to action, get in touch and hopefully become a new client can only be good for business.

There are many other tweaks we can make to our websites that can make them function in the way we would like.

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Thankyou for taking the time to read this post, I hope you take away some ideas for your business.

I’m Eileen and I run Essence Digital Designs to try and help your business run more smoothly. I offer a range of digital products from lead magnets to social media templates, that you can find in the Digital Resources Shop and I also offer WordPress Web Design

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